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Stem activity building a boat

Aloha, I'm Kelly Zalopany

I will be implementing an engineering design for my first-grade class in Nov. Students will be testing a variety of materials that floats or sinks and giving my students a limited amount of materials to use for their boats. Does anyone have advice on classroom management with so much going on, my first graders have a hard time focusing with so many materials and distractions around them? Thanks in advance! 


Kelly Zalopany
Kelly Zalopany
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Hey there Kelly!

This seems like a super fun and engaging activity for your 1st-grade class! I am currently with a 2nd-grade class, and whenever we do activities that involve a lot of materials, I know they like to put more of their focus on touching everything instead of listening to me as well!

I think with your first graders and this activity, maybe you should try to spread out each material by days. For example, test material 1 on one day, then material 2 on another day, and so forth. Then, in the end, they can make inferences and pick what material(s) they need for their final boat. 


Hope everything goes smoothly! 




Sheena Juliano
Sheena Juliano
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