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Christmas Eve Science Magic One of my little nephews is in 4th grade and he loves science. If the video link doesn't work, I'll describe it here. We did the egg drop experiment. I found a mason jar, filled it half way with water, put a paper plate on top, then a toilet paper roll, and an egg from the barnyard on top. We eventually had to cover the tp roll with foil because it got wet and wasn't strong enough to hold up the egg. At first it was just my nephew and niece, then as the rest of the family heard us cheering and laughing, they came to join in the fun. Each time someone joined the eggsperiment, I had my nephew explain what forces were at work. After the 4th person tried it, the first egg broke, then we got another egg, and my father in law said he would charge us $5 an egg! lol  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is able to enjoy some much needed time off. 

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