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How to get started in a career teaching high school biology with a PhD in patholobiology


I have a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins and have years of experience in teaching biology on both the undergraduate and graduate level. I have also taken several formal training courses in education (although I am not certified).

I am interested in moving into teaching on the high school level, public or private. 

Any advice on how to get started? I would love to be able to jump right into teaching while working on my teaching certification.



Heidi Hempel
Heidi Hempel
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Hi Heidi -- If you're interested in getting credentialed for high school biology, I would check with universitiies near where you'd like to teach. Some may have a fast-track for experienced professionals. They could also advise if the traininng courses you had would be applicable. The state office of education may also have information on getting credentials. Private schools may or may not requiire a state certificate (I know the Catholic schools in my area do require that teacher have or are working on a state certificate.) Good luck! Your students will be fortunate to have a teacher with your depth of content knowledge! -- Mary B

Mary Bigelow
Mary Bigelow
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