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I will be a mentor teacher in the spring. I am very excited about helping a student teacher finish out their journey on a strong positive note. For those who just finished, or are currently experiencing being a student teacher what can I do to help my mentee have great experience? Is there anything that you have found to be extremely helpful or anything that has been an added stress?

Thank you! 

Emily Collins
Emily Collins
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As a current student teacher I would recommend making a space for your student teacher. In my experinece I just finished teaching my unit for this semester and with grading it is important to feel as though you have a place to work in the school so that you truly feel integrated. Additionally, I would say that it is important to be sure to make it clear to your students that even though the person that will be coming in is a student teacher that they are also a teacher and deserve the same respect that your students give you. This is also something that the student teacher will have to earn but sometimes it is difficult for student teachers to get a footing when the class is opposed to the idea from the start. 

Olivia Barnett
Olivia Barnett
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so excited for you to have a mentee!! I did student teaching almost 3.5 years ago, and I had two different teachers for a 12 week period. The first one was HORRIBLE! A word of advice to you is that if the experience is even slightly unpleasant, the student teacher will remember it forever. I can still remmeber every negative thing that she said to me. In her classroom, it was always her way or no way. I considered student teaching to be a time to explore what teaching was really like. I wanted to be able to implement somethings that I learned in college. She would not let me do any of that. I couldn't even implement attention getters that I learned. I also didn't have my own space. That I feel is so important. She told me I couldn't because it was HER classroom and I was a guest. My second student teaching experience was wonderful! She allowed me to take her lesson plans, and develop my own teaching style to her lessons. She also gave me positive feedback when I did something really good or if I needed to focus on something a little more. She also allowed me to have my own space, and she made herself and her room avaliable to anything that I needed. She also fostered relationships between her parents and me. the other teacher told the parents that I wasn't good at all. 

Honestly, to be the best mentor, just think about and be the person you would have wanted beside you on your first day of teaching in your own classroom. Remember waht it was like to be the person comming in to something completely different. GOOD LUCK! 

Destinye Hudson
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