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Recycling ideas to implement in the classroom

Hello everyone,
Hope all of you out there are having a wonderful Saturday!
My name is Lucy and I am an aspiring teaching currently in my first semester of Student Teaching at the College of Education in the University of Houston. My classroom is a 4thgrade Math & Science classroom, and I am reaching out to the science community for some help.
We recently covered the natural resources TEK and I closed our lesson with a conversation of the conservation of our planet and different way to do that. The kids loved learning about different ways we can help our planet and because of that I am searching ideas on how to implement recycling with in our classroom while having the students engaged. Unfortunately, the school is not a big supporter of recycling, but I would love our classroom to become one. Any thoughts, ideas or comments you have are extremely appreciated.  
Thank you,
Lucy Torres

Lucia Meras-Torres
Lucia Meras-Torres
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Hi Lucia, one year my students each researched ways to implement recycling and reducing waste. One student campaigned the adults at school not to use one time use cups. Over a few weeks, more and more teachers began bringing cups from home to drink from and washing them instead of adding plastic and styrofoam waste to the trash. Many of us still bring our own non-disposable cups to work each day and that young man just graduated high school! When you give students a problem to solve, they do it in amazing ways.

Pamela Dupre
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