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NGSS is different in many ways and quite innovative in the classroom. Science education looks and feels different from what many parents and even admin are used to seeing. If you have embraced the NGSS fully and are excited about it – I would love to know what drew you in. Parents are having lots of dialogue about what their kids are learning. How do you communicate with your parents about the NGSS? How do you share that what is new and different is, in fact, an improvement? Do you invite students to convey a message of support about the NGSS? If so, what manner do you go about doing this? I want to encourage, and well as build a classroom that supports and invites student's voice. I am looking for more ways to incorporate student's voice but also invites parents into the classroom. I would love to get your insight on ways to make parents more connected to the classroom and empower students to have a greater voice in the science classroom.  Thanks -Jessica

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