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5E Lesson Plan: The Order of Planets

Hello! I created a 5E lesson plan on The Order of Planets for grades 3-5. The elaborate portion of my lesson plan is the only part of my lesson in which technology is incorporated, in the form of a National Geographic video about the Solar System, that provides more information and facts about the planets. This video is included for students to use to take notes on the planets in their "planet foldables".
I just wanted to know if anyone knew of any other technology resource I could include in my lesson that relates to The Order of Planets and aids students in identifying the planets in Earth's Solar System and their position in relation to the Sun. I really like incorportating technology in the classroom, because I feel like it is very relevant to my student's lives. So if anyone has some ideas on other videos, games, modules or some other technology resource I could use for this lesson, that would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much!


Salma Yousef
Salma Yousef
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A good way to incoorpate technology would be adding a video or song into the lesson from Youtube or another video website. Many science topics have certain songs or dances that go along with the content. This is often fun for the students and allows them to get up out of their seats and sing/dance, which can also be used as a brain break!

Jamison Bowlds
Jamison Bowlds
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A good way to incorporate technology in the classroom is playing a video from a website like YouTube. A video can be a song with mnemonic devices to allow students to memorize The Order of the Planets. Below is a link from YouTube I found with a mnemonic device:


Also, you may want to incorporate a game consisting of the planets which I found some games that can be played on the NASA Science: Space Place website. Below is a link for games exploring Earth and Science:


Alicia Salazar
Alicia Salazar
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Hi Salma, I just came across your post and wanted to plant a seed about a potential resource down the road. My team and I are working with teachers to create an interactive online simulation for exploring planets with 4th and 5th graders. We've been funded by the National Science Foundation to research and develop an online platform that uses art to explore topics in science. If you'd ever like to brainstorm ideas, be a beta-tester for our Planets activity, or learn more about the project, please reach out. Thanks! info@curiointeractive.com

Jennifer Primm
Jen Primm
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Hi Salma! I think that your lesson sounds great! I do not know much about technology, but I think that you could probably find some sort of song about planets on YouTube to play for the students. I also think older students could use iPads or computers to make PowerPoint presentations about the order of the planets in groups of 3-4. This would give them some creative freedom and they could present the PowerPoints to their classmates. 

Dahlia Chandrahasan
Dahlia Chandrahasan
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If you want to find some cool resources and videos I have attached some links to NASA and NASA for educators.




Kayleigh Robertson
Kayleigh Robertson
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