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Eclipses and Eye Safety by Charles Fulco Review

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to share some of my thoughts after reading the article Eclipses and Eye Safety by Charles Fulco. I chose this article to read because I am currently taking an Astrobiology class and we are taking about the recent solar eclipse that happened over the summer. I know that there were hesitant to go outside or even have their blinds open. I felt that the article gave many good tips for people to safely watch the solar eclipse, even though we will not be having one for a while (2024). Mr. Fulco gave direct and indirect observation tips for people to follow. I feel that if these tips were more widely expressed more people would have been able to experience this amazing phenomena. I was lucky enough to have been able to experience the solar eclipse, and hopefully by the next one I will have a class of my own that I will be able to safely share the experience with. Thanks for reading my post! Megan Grano

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