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I'm a student teacher and I have created a lesson for my possible kindergarten students on Earth and Human Activity. I'm planning to teach them about the different types of weather and also how to prepare for weather in advance. 

A question that I would have would be:
What are some ways I could teach my students about preparing for weather in advance if they don't really have a good conception of the days of the week yet?

Kaylie Eko
Kaylie Eko
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Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:29 AM

I was in a Kindergarten class observing one day during a weather lesson. During the morning meeting the teacher had the students name the day of the week and then had them look our the window and had them explain what was going on outside. Then they had a cut out of a kid on the white board and had the students decide what that child would need to wear for that day based on the weather they observed that morning. Then the students would cover the student in item like coat and boots during winter, added an umbrella if raining, etc.

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