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I am currently a college student studying to be an elementary teacher. I would like to teach kindergarten. I enjoy using technology. Can integrating technology lessons at such a young age hinder their developmental learning skills? What are some educational benefits of integrating technology into their lessons? What are some cons of integrating technology? What have you found works best or didn't work with the younger students using technology? 

Iris Simpson
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From observering different classrooms I have learned that students love technology. They find it more entertaining and fun than just papers and pencils. In my opinion technology does not hinder students developmental learning skills if it is implemented correctly. By that I mean it is imporatant for the technology to be part of the lessons and not just for fun. A pro towards technology is that students get to work at their own pace. A con is that some students might get distracted and might want to use the technology for other things. Technology definitely has its many pros and cons but from what I've learned, technology is a great tool to have in the classroom. Students must respect the rules that comes with using technology for the lessons to run smoothly.

Estephania Sandoval
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