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Creating a lesson about Sound and Light Waves (10/13/19)

Hello Science Educators!

My name is Vanessa Pham and I am currently a pre-service teacher studying Teaching Methods of Science. For a capstone project in this class, we are to create our own 10-day lesson plan based on our science topic of interest. Specifically for this project, I am using Next Generation Standards 1-PS4-1, 1-PS4-2, and 1-PS4-3. So far, the activities I have come up with for light are a flashlight in the dark with a pinhole, light against different types of materials, water refraction, real vs artificial light, and reflective drawing or writing. My question for you all is, what other activities or demonstrations could we use in order to visually show light waves? My other question is what forms of assessment could I use based on these activities?

Thank you!

Vanessa Pham

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Vanessa Pham
Vanessa Pham
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