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Lesson Plan: What is Gravity?

I am creating a lesson plan to introduce the topic of gravity to my third-graders. In the "Explore" section of the lesson the students will be dropping various objects from shoulder level onto their desk. I intend to have the students drop a bean bag and a feather for some variation, but feel like I need to have them drop 2-3 other types of objects and record their observations. What other objects should I have my students drop in the experiment? What are some questions that should I ask while observing them to elicit high thinking? 

Haylee Anderson
Haylee Anderson
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This lesson plan from PBS might have some resources you could use. 

Emily Faulconer
Emily Faulconer
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I suggest having them drop a piece of paper and something heavy (like a book). 

Then have them crumple up the paper and drop it with the book.  When you take away the air resistance, both of them hit the ground at the same time.  

You are trying to get the point across that gravity acts on both objects the same when you can discount air resistance.


Nanette Fladung
Nanette Fladung
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Omg! What an excellent idea!!

I love this book because it beautifully illustrates what would happen if the Earth had no gravity!

Gravity Hardcover – April 29, 2014
by Jason Chin  (Author, Illustrator)

It has gorgeous illustrations. I've read it to K-5 students and they all have loved it. 

This video~

A bowling ball and feather both fall in a vacuum chamber.

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