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Five Journal Article reviews for K-12 Framework

There is a lot going on right now for educators interested in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as discussed in the NSTA Journals; Science and Children, Science Scope, and Science Teacher. There are five Journal articles that complement the upcoming NGSS web seminars (see previous post about these seminars). The articles are interesting and well written, making it much easier to understand the documents. Reading the articles and participating in the web seminars would be an excellent way to increase any educators personal knowledge in the future of science education.

Sue Garcia
Sue Garcia
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Hi Sue,

Thanks so much for sharing these resources! I've had a chance to read the articles in the journals and I really liked the way the author broke the NGSS standards down into a very understandable snippets of information about the new standards and how they will effect classroom teachers. In addition to these great resources, another fantastic resources is The NSTA Reader's Guide for a Framework for K-12 Education. It's a fantastic resource for anyone looking for information on the NGSS.


Maureen Stover
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