K-16 Summer STEM Expedition to Panama with NSTA Past President, Page Keeley

Fellow STEM Educators and NSTA Members, You are invited to join me and my co-leader Joyce Tugel along with other NSTA members for another exciting summer STEM Expedition for K-16 teachers, STEM and science specialists, university faculty, and anyone interested in STEM and science education! Last year we went to Iceland. This year we are going to the tropics- Panama! Panama is an amazing country with several diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity, even greater than Costa Rica. We will delve into learning about different STEM topics including biodiversity, geology, engineering (Panama Canal!), technology (a visit to the indigenous Embrera tribe to learn about the tools they use to live harmoniously in their environment, and the research of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. We will also create a bank of phenomena that we experience throughout our trip to share with students or the teachers we work with. If you love to travel, experience new things, and learn alongside other science colleagues, come join us! We have a few openings left before registration closes and so far we have a terrific group of people (spouses or friends are welcome to come too). Our trip has been arranged by Holbrook Travel, one of the leading organizations for eco-travel and specialists in Central and South American travel. For more information go to:  and see the attached download of "25 Reasons for STEM Educators to Go to Panama!" or email me at pagekeeley at  We can also provide professional development documentation if you need it. Hope you can join us! Page Keeley, NSTA Past President and Author of the Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series

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