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5E Lesson Plan: Living and Nonliving things

Hello! I created a science first grade lesson plan over living and nonliving things. I incorporated a non-fiction book during the explain part of the lesson but I wanted to include some kind of video over this content as well. I am looking for any suggestions or recommendations of what I can use for this part of my lesson. Thank you!

Miriam Navarrete
Miriam Navarrete
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Hello Miriam,

I think you have a great lesson, and also the fact that you have incorporated a non-fiction book is amazing, this will help your students to have a better understanding with the objective. I have found a video that I believe its appropriate to show since it does not contain that much audio and keep students engage. I will leave you the link below and hopefully you find it helpful.





Leslie Barajas
Leslie Barajas
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