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Kindergarten: Weather lesson

When teaching about weather to a kindergarten class, is there any recommended online resources to use?

Cindy Castillo
Cindy Castillo
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Hello Cindy,

I use NOAA National weather service daily to look at local and national weather. I use the local forecast and forecast maps to help students learn weather map symbols. These are not necessarily kindergarten level but students will recognize them. 

However, NOAA has an education page that does have a variety of resources that would be more age appropriate. They also have Be a Force of Nature page as well with information that you might be able to use. 

Gift of Curiosity has a unit on weather full of many activities. 

Weather Wiz Kids has many activities as well. I have even used some of them with my high school students!

PBS Learning Media also has resources for K-2. Their kid meteorolgist looks fun and educational. 

Hope this helps you!

Bev DeVore-Wedding
Bev Bev DeVore-Wedding
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Thank you! I will definitely look into these resources.

Cindy Castillo
Cindy Castillo
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I use CoCoRahs with my preK students as we record the weather each school day. We applied to be a station and received a free rain gauge.  (If you get one, use rain X or something on the outside to help protect against UV damage:  tip from our local CoCo Rahs person)  It has many additional classroom benefits as we look at volume, compare data from other places on the map.  The administration has also asked my class for its weather data for planning school events.  We pretend that our meteorologist is the weather reporter for a pretend TV station (W or K plus school initials).  It's also useful to use the weather report as a way to add in second language - which leads to nuances between languages based on geography. 




Anne Lowry
Anne Lowry
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