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I nanny a 6 year old boy with ADHD and an IQ of 120. He wants to be an astronaut. Any suggestions on activities, knowledge, and other resources for him? We are going to be learning all summer and I would love to give him the best experience ever!

Alexandra Ulsher
Alexandra Ulsher
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I would look into purchasing some hydraulic engineering kits that he can build with his hands. Search for Little Bits which are electronic bits that he can create his own cool contraptions with and their website has many ideas to choose from. I think he might like some of the new books for children geared toward building, problem solving, and creating. Iggy Peck Architect, Ada Twist Scientist, Violet the Pilot, and there are more that can be found on Amazon.

Pamela Dupre
Pamela Dupre
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Do a Google search for "astronauts NASA" and you will find a lot of ideas.

Betty Paulsell
Betty Paulsell
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Hi Alexandra

You might want to consider activities that engage is mind and his body. Often young students with higher IQs and inattentiveness can focus when they are actively engaged. You might consider the activity Peggy suggests in the article and also some of her resources. Enjoy your summer with your future astronaut!

The Early Years: Thinking Space by: Peggy Ashbrook

"Space exploration is a high-interest topic for girls and boys. They love to play with space models (toys), pore over space images, talk about what they have seen in the sky or on television, and play astronaut. Use the activities described here to encourage students to engage in imaginative play about space. Explorations like these are the kind of inspiration teachers need to help their students’ science learning blast off!"

Arlene Jurewicz-Leighton
Arlene Jurewicz Leighton
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There is a fun documentary that was made after Scott Kelly came back to Earth from being in space for a year. It details both his time at the ISS and back on Earth afterwards. The episodes are fairly short, so it may be a fun activity to watch them together! There are also new posters that can be found on NASA's website to encourage students to start dreaming about going to Mars one day (as they are saying that the current 4th graders will be the first people that will be going to Mars), so that could be a great way to excite him and keep him motivated!

Erin Phelan
Erin Phelan
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