Chemistry Element Puns

Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:48 AM

I teach 8th grade general science, however when we do chemistry I give them a list of chemistry puns, that would probably be easier for high school. I have to help many of them in 8th grade but there is a web site that you can get them from.

Sandra Desieno
Sandra Desieno
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Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:03 AM

Those are fun. Thanks.

Eric Roth
Eric Roth
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Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:45 PM

Outstanding! Just remember that 2/3 of every pun is Pu (Plutonium) :)

James Johnson
James Johnson
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Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:39 PM

Woww! Splendid...thanks for sharing; I love chemistry & once taught it, but I don't currently!!!

Olukayode Banmeke
Olukayode Banmeke
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Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:26 PM

This is a fun activity for Valentine's Day too - I've had students come up with chemistry puns on valentines and hang them on the wall.

Rebecca Falin
Rebecca Falin
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Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:04 PM

I was also thinking this would be a nice departure from traditional bellwork. It wouldn't be something I did everyday, but I think my students would like it occasionally. There were some about which I really had to think.

Ruth Hutson
Ruth Hutson
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Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:56 AM


Thank you so much for sharing. The websites are great! I have shared them with several chemistry teachers.

Betty Paulsell
Betty Paulsell
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Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:02 AM

Periodic Puns

It is always easier to learn new vocabulary when you can link the new terms to something more familiar. To that end, I have given you several “Periodic Puns” below. The task is simple. Read the sentence and then supply the correct element name that completes the sentence. Write the full name and the symbol of each element. (Most of them are on the element list I gave you, but not all.)

Example: Today John joined the police department. Now he’s a ______________. (Ans: copper Cu)

1. What does someone say when they’ve been shot? __________________!
2. Marge wanted new _________________ to go with her new kitchen cabinets.
3. What do you call a refrigerated bank vault? A __________________.
4. What do undertakers do with their clients? They ________________.
5. Oh, I ate too much! Now I’m going to _________________ the rest of the night.
6. What do doctors do for their clients? They try to __________________.
7. “Hi, ho ______________! The Lone Ranger rides again!” (ask your parents)
8. “Your shirt is all wrinkled! Didn’t you have time to _______________ it?
9. I think Ludwig is from Berlin. That makes him a ________________.
10. We all have ______________ fingers and toes.
11. Come on Billy, let’s play! You be the cowboy and I’ll be the _______________.
12. What do you call a burial chamber weighing 2000 pounds? A _______________.
13. Watch out! When she gets mad she throws quite a _________________.
14. What do you do if you’re a big, dark cloud? _________________.
15. Kathy hit her _________________ the edge of the desk. Ouch!!
16. No, Peter and Mary left a long time ago. They _______________ now.
17. The lost boy was last _________________ his way home.
18. The Vikings got their wealth by finding villages and then they would ____________.
19. Sideshow Bob kept the other inmates laughing because he was a ________________.
20. Alan Jackson has always been crazy about a ________________.
21. Please go to the store and get me a ___________________ of milk.
22. Marge also got a new kitchen _______________ along with her new cabinets.
23. If you take those torn jeans to the laundry, they will ________________ up for you.
24. “Welcome to the Donnie and Marie _____________ Show!” (ask your parents again)
25. I brushed my horse before I _______________ in the parade.
26. I wanted to email you the pictures I took, so first I _______________ into the computer.
27. If you don’t pay your taxes the government might just _______________ your home.
28. If you divorced your aunt you might just have to pay her _______________.
29. Mr. Cecil’s lecture voice is so monotone and ______________.
30. Ranger Smith ______________ us into the cave.
31. Dad ran over my toy trucks! He completely _________________.
32. My daughter doesn’t like to put milk on her ______________.
33. This can of diet soda only lists one _________________ the label.
34. What do you call a person from Troy who only goes out after dark? A ___________.
35. “______________ Finger” was one of the best James Bond villains.
36. The parable of the Good _____________ teaches us to help each other.
37. If you lick a metal pole in the winter, your ______________ will freeze to it.
38. What do you call the kitchen on a Roman ship? A _________________.
39. What must you do to a steer before you brand it? _________________
40. Wholenium x 0.5 _________________


Periodic_Puns.doc (0.03 Mb)

puns_answers.docx (0.01 Mb)

Pamela Auburn
Pamela Auburn
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Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:05 AM

Even more fun! Thanks.

Eric Roth
Eric Roth
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Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:50 PM

Thank you all. This is some really fun stuff and a way to have kids learn the names of elements.

Adah Stock
Adah Stock
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Thu Feb 28, 2013 5:00 AM

Thank you everyone for sharing such an awesome idea! I can't wait to do this at the beginning of a class or as a short lesson. I will definitely use this to begin the new year for next school year.

James Bright
James Bright
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Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:19 AM

Thanks all. The puns helped me with a workshop I gave.

Adah Stock
Adah Stock
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Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:59 PM

I made copies for all of the teachers on my team and they all distributed the puns as an advisory type of activity. My advisory students were really engaged. They commented later that the puns were challenging for some of them but it was fun to watch their classmates try to work with them to solve the problems. Thanks everyone!

James Bright
James Bright
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