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5E Characteristics of Water Ecosystems

In my explore section, I am showing the students a video of songs with rivers. I am trying to come up with a different explore? 

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do differently that can help me engage the students? 

Thank you, 

Karla Ayala 

Karla Hernandez
Karla Hernandez
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Hi Karla, 

One of my mentor teachers just did a lesson on water ecosystems. One of the ways that she engaged them is by showing them a BrainPOP on water ecosystems and afterward, she along with the students created their classroom anchor chart on water ecosystems. My mentor teacher made sure that on the anchor chart there was relevant information written in kid-friendly language that the students could easily refer back to and understand. The reason why she did so is that she told me that students are more likely to understand what they are learning when they put meaning to what they have learned. 

I hope this helps, 

Josselin Maravilla

Josselin Maravilla
Josselin Maravilla
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