Please Please Help- Need demo lesson for 7th grade STEM

Does anyone have a great lesson they would share ? Here are the criteria-


7th Grade

I have no money.

Ill have a laptop and a projector

40 minute lesson


Thanks so so much !


Michael Harris
Michael Harris
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There are lots of things you can find around your house or school to demonstrate a phenomenon and then get students to wonder about it and investigate it. Check out The Wonder Of Science website created by Paul Anderson. This is a great resource to get you thinking or find ideas. 

Debbie Morgan
Debbie Morgan
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You are literally posting on the website that provides lesson ideas that would meet your parameters. 

I like crash course as a support to your topic. The band OKgo has fun premade lessons for no money.

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What topic; standard(s) are you working with would be first step. Are you looking for engineering ; a quick lesson; an intro. to a concept/phenomena?

If you are unsure or overwhelmed-we could help narrow your focus-it would just be more specific if we had parameters.

Some starting points:


Better Lesson (template/format is helpful)

and of course...

NSTA Resources!


Pam Kellett

Pamela Kellett
Pamela Kellett
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