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Hi there! I had the question for teachers, "What the hardest part of teaching science to elementary students is in your opinion?"  

Stacy Wilcher
Stacy Wilcher
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Hi Stacy, I am a first semester student teacher. But, I have done nearly 3 semesters of observations/student teaching now. I would say that from what I agree with the post from Isaacah. The hardest part of teaching science to elementary students is that some of them just will not have that real world experience to be able to relate what you are showing them and telling them. For instance, I was observing in a classroom and the teacher was talking about pollination, bees, flowers, plants, etc. There were many students in the class that said they had never seen a bee on a flower before. The concept was foreign to them. They were inner city kids and did not have the green space to really be able to relate to whole idea. They did get the point and understood, but some things/experiences/concepts/ideas that we may take for granted do not always apply across the board. I think the challenge is trying to overcome that and help those students find a way they can relate. Good Luck, Tracy

Tracy Galle
Tracy Galle
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The hardest part is most likely getting the students to understand what you are trying to instruct. Since its mostly experimental, a lot of the students can not compute an explanation for what is being observed.

Isaacah Bell
isaacah bell
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