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The Early Years: Mixing Materials

Hello everyone my name is Kadira Johnson and I did a quick review on what I thougth about Peggy Ashbrook's article "The Early Years: Mixing Materials." In Peggy Ashbrook’s article she discusses resources and science topics on how teachers can get students to observe the properties of matter and how to document the changes of materials. Ashbrook discusses how “engaging children’s interest, inspiring active exploration of materials, and fostering cooperation between children and adults is the best way to promote the construction of knowledge.” (Ashbrook) To me, this is what teaching is all about, especially when teaching science. It is important to get children interested in the topic and actively engage with them in the experiments. Ashbrook points out that mixing two materials can be a starting point in extending children’s exploration of matter and mixtures. By mixing solids and liquids in a scientific way would insure that children will fun because kids like seeing the change that happens during a chemical reaction. But it will also insure that they will develop reasoning skills and learn about the nature of science.

Kadira Johnson
Kadira Johnson
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