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Within my environmental science classroom, lately I've noticed a lot of students not taking the opportunity to complete recovery or extra credit assignments to help improve their grades. As it is extra credit/ recovery I often make these assignments more challenging as I believe students should complete and perform well on assessments THE FIRST TIME AROUND. Despite this, I do want all my students to succeed in the class and am often bummed when they do not follow through with recovery opportunities. Do you give your students extra credit opportunities, and if so, how to you ensure they follow through with the completion of the assignments. Are there any specific assignments than can be tweaked for 11th grade Environmental Science students? Thanks in advance for your responses

Myesha McCullan
Myesha McCullan
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Our school does no allow extra credit. However, students that underperform on tests have the opportunity for grade recovery. They have to complete remediation work before taking a new test. They receive the higher score of their 2 tests, with a cap at 70 points. This helps struggling students.

Steve Kirsche
Stephen Kirsche
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