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Hi all,

I am writing a lesson on conductivity using the content statement (standard) "Electrical conductivity must be explored through testing common materials to determine their conductive properties." The objectives for my lesson are:

Students will be able to determine if common household items are conductive or insulative.

Students will be able to compare and contrast conductivity and insulation.

One activity that I have planned is to set up an open circut and allow students to test items on their conductivity. This along with an online resource that is doing the same thing is all that I could come up with. If anyone has done anything similar or has any feedback that could assist me would be more than welcomed. 

Anthony Young
Anthony Young
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The lesson you describe is the like one I use in the classroom. I assemble a bag of things for them to test. Make sure you include things like gum wrappers (with a foil backing), pencil lead and other metal items). I used pen caps, string, rubber bands, paper, and even their skin or hair for nonconductors. Let them test whatever they have in their pencil bag or pockets.

If you want to take it up a notch. You can have them test distilled water, rock salt, sugar, sugar water, and salt water. The would need to have a mini lesson on ionic vs covalent to understand this if they have not learned that material previously.

Good Luck!

Nanette Fladung
Nanette Fladung
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