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Inquiry-based learning for teaching life cycle of apple

Hello all!  I am currently a pre-service teacher and am working on a 7e lesson for 5th-grade science.  To begin my lesson I will be reading the book One Green Apple by Eve Bunting.  In the book, the students make apple cider, so for the lesson portion, I am going to discuss with the students how apples grow.  For example, from a seed to a bud then flower to apple.  

My question then is how may you go about making this type of a lesson more inquiry-based?

Bryana Kerner
Bryana Kerner
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Not sure if this is what you mean, I'm just going to throw some ideas out there:

The students could look at different apple seeds and see what's on the inside of them and if they are different.

They could track the amount of time it takes for each of the apple seeds to sprout.

They could see what each of the apples taste like (sour, tart, bitter, sweet, sugary).

They could research how apples are used (by humans, animals, insects).

Look up the history of apples and where/when they tend to grow.

Hope that helps!



Sydne Arnold
Sydne Arnold
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I think a great for them to learn is to give them apples at different stages of the life cycle and allow them to observe them and their differences. Cut them in half let them observe the seeds as well. Then they could plant the seeds and track its growth. They could also draw or make a model of the life cycle of an apple which would make a fun project.

Andrea Estevez
Andrea Estevez
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