I want to make sled kites with my after school club. I am having trouble finding the material for the kites. The heavy duty trash bags are all black and I want the students to do the measurements and then make the kites. I am looking for material that the students can mark on and see to cut them out. Ideas?


Nancy Galusha
Nancy Galusha
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Hello Nancy,

Go to a lumber store and buy some house wrap material.  The most common is called Tyvek - a plastic that is almost impossible to tear but easily cut. It's light coloured, can be painted or inked with markers.  Much more sturdy than garbage bags.  Tuck tape sticks to it like crazy and I think duck tape worked well. I used to buy it by the foot off of huge rolls. Check this out:  https://www.wired.com/2007/09/fast-kites-from/

Hope this helps,



Gabe Kraljevic
Gabe Kraljevic
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I have some clear industrial size trash bags-material is not as heavy as the black trash bags though. If you use them doubled up, they might be sturdy enough. 

Used billboards or banners are another option if you can find some free or inexpensive ones. Although the print might cause problems with being able to see marks. Would tarps work? Some are blue, green, even white?

How about polyvinyl cloth? There are different weights of it. Or even ripstop nylon?

Hope this helps you find something affordable and useable! 

Bev DeVore-Wedding
Bev Bev DeVore-Wedding
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