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Sometimes I think that it could be easier to teach lower grades science but then whenever I have to explain science to some of the students that I tutor, it becomes a little challenging. I used to think that the younger the students, the easier it is to teach but after doing my Field Experience in different grade levels over the years, I have realized that it is the other way around, at least in my perspective. As a future teacher, I would like to learn different Science Strategies that could be used for students in the lower grades when teaching science. Is anyone willing to share some of the science strategies that could be used for Early Childhood? 

Mariana Gonzalez
Mariana Gonzalez
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Hello Mariana,

I hope I can help! Every issue of the Science and Children issue is available within the Learning Center, and all include at least two free articles! These have strategies for all early childhood and elementary students, so I would browse through to see if you find anything specific to the age(s) you're working with. Check them out here:


Please let me know if you find an article that you enjoy!

Does anyone else have a helpful tool to share?

Megan Doty
Megan Doty
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