What is a good way to incorporate STEM activities in Kindergarten classrooms?

Abby Lowman
Abby Lowman
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Abby, search NSTA using the tab- Explore All Resources, you can refine your research there by choosing elementary. I helped one of the kindergarten teachers with a STEM lab last year. They were reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and they were discussing hibernation and how the food the bears would normally eat in spring are frozen or not available during the winter. The teacher froze things like fruit cocktail in ice cube trays. The students talked about the adaptations bears have that help them eat-claws, and sharp teeth. We gave them plastic utensils and some other items I can't recall right now. They tried to get the fruit out of the ice. Of course the ice will melt. Thinking back, I would adjust this by using small yogurt cups to get bigger blocks of frozen fruit. It was so cute when one little boys bent over his ice and started licking the ice cube. Oh, we also let them wear mittens or gloves since most of them had some because it was cold outside. When you read stories like Three Billy Goats Gruff, you can look for a STEM connection there. Have popsicle sticks, wooden clothespins and other items to challenge the children to build a bigger stronger bridge for the Billy Goats to cross over. Maybe some will want to build a boat or a plane to cross the stream. With Three Little Pigs you can have them build a house with popsicle sticks, one with sugar cubes, and one with blocks. Then make a mask that looks like the big bad wolf with a hole where his mouth should be. Plug in a hair dryer and insert the tip through his mouth to let him huff and puff and blow the house down. I would use the low/cool setting for that.

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