Promethean Board in the Chemistry Classroom

Good morning!  I have a quick question for all upper level science teachers.

I have been told that I can have a Promethean board in my classroom.  At first I was very excited, but the more I research it, the more I tend to be convinced that I don't really need it.  For those of you who have one, what can I do with it that I cannot do already?  Right now, I have a laptop connected to a projector.  I project presentations when I need them by pulling down a white screen above my whiteboard, but pulling it back up when I need to lecture and write/draw. I also teach astronomy and forensic science.

I have never had any kind of SmartBoard, and this is my 21st year in my classroom.  

What do you think?  Do you love yours or is it just another board?



PJ Godwin
PJ Godwin
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Hi PJ.  I had a Promethean Board in my classroom when I was a teacher and one of the nice things about the board is that you can do anything on the board that you can do on your laptop but much more.  One of the neat things is that the you or the kids can draw on top of a presentation or web site and you can save the work for later and all of the edits will reappear.  When I first started in my classroom, the prior teacher used it for an expensive white board to project movies and presentations from a laptop.  Once you get comfortable with the board, I think you'll be happy you have it.  It just takes a little time.  I'm kinda old school, but I found that if I turned to the students, I found they were a lot more proficient than I on a lot of the functions and they loved using.  It's like having a big desktop computer in the front of the room.  Great engagement tool and it will open the door to student centered education as compared to teacher centered.  Just become the student and let your class take the lead on this one.  I think you'll be happy you have it.  jj

James Johnson
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