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Weather In First Grade

I am teaching in a first grade classroom. We are teaching the students about recording weather including relative temperature, hot, cold, windy, cloudy, rainy and icy. We will have the students rotate through tables using these types of pictures and the students will discuss with each other before coming to large group and discussing whole class what they saw in the pictures and the descriptors they used and the differences in the pictures they looked at. We will then take the children outside to observe the weather for the day and then they will be able fill out a flip book with this information and then they will continue to fill out the flip book everyday for the week. 

Heather Rochester
Heather Rochester
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This sounds like an interesting lesson. Have you considered showing them a live weather report from your local news or the Weather Channel? What about the daily weather insert in the newspaper? If some of them use their parents' phones to play games on, you might show them the weather app. This seems like a good opportunity to bring in a little information about climate.

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I recommend the attached article (Fabulous Weather Day) for more ideas on 1st grade weather.


Fabulous Weather Day (Journal Article)

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Katie Brkich
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Getting outside to make observations and collect data about the weather they are experiencing rather than simply viewing through a window will really help young children understand what their data means when viewing it the next day/week/month. I've written several NSTA Early Years blog posts about observing and documenting weather. Love to have your comments on the posts to add your experiences! http://nstacommunities.org/blog/2017/01/30/weather-watching-and-phenology-support-using-evidence-to-state-a-claim/

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