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suggestions for experiments in Kindergarten

I am currently in a Kindergarten classroom. I have found trouble keeping their attention during science time. I want to do some experiments to engage them as learners but I am not sure what kind of experiments would be safe for a kindergarten classroom. Any suggestions? :)

Liliana Garza
Liliana garza
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Hi Liliana,

In general, open exploration of natural phenomena is a great way to engage Kindergarten children in learning science concepts using the practices of science and engineering. Take a look at the progression charts in the NGSS "APPENDIX F – Science and Engineering Practices in the NGSS" where what students should be able to do by the end of each grade band is summarized (beginning on page 4). https://www.nextgenscience.org/sites/default/files/resource/files/Appendix%20F%20%20Science%20and%20Engineering%20Practices%20in%20the%20NGSS%20-%20FINAL%20060513.pdf 

Please also visit the NSTA blog and click on the tag "activities" http://blog.nsta.org/tag/activity-ideas/

Then look through the Early Years blog entries to find activities appropriate for Kindergarteners. You could also click on the tag "early childhood."

Another way of using the Early Years blog is to search for a specific topic, such as "weather" or "shadow."

Let me know if there is a topic I should plan to write about in the future!


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