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 American Meteorological Society DataStreme courses are great way to get some background on Atmosphere, Climate and Ocean. [wa1]  [wa2]  It creates opportunities to be an earth science leader and local expert in your school, district, and state. Materials not only invigorate your own confidence in teaching these topics, but also align with the NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas for Earth and Space Science, specifically ESS2.C, ESS2.D, ESS3.B, ESS3.C, and ESS3.D. Addresses NGSS Crosscutting Concepts: Patterns, Cause and Effect, Energy and Matter, Systems and System Models, Stability and Change. Below is information for North Carolina Teachers, however anyone can use this information to find your LIT Mentor in your area. 

DATASTREME ATMOSPHERE begins its Fall Semester on Monday, August 26th 2019. 

Calling all North Carolina educators, both classroom and informal! Are you interested in adding to your curriculum to meet STEM standards? The American Meteorological Society (AMS) offers an on-line course for K-12 teachers to help you brush up on your atmospheric science. The course will increase your understanding of important earth science concepts while leveraging a dedicated mentoring team of education and scientific experts throughout the semester-long graduate courses. The mentor/coaching model allows you individual feedback on challenging material and the opportunity to leverage relationships for future collaboration

By leveraging grant funding, each DataStreme course costs participants a fraction of total tuition value of over $1900 per semester (as of spring 2019).

*2019 AMS k-12 teacher membership fee only $57/year

Academic fee covers full access to Cal U course management system and partila support staff

AMS fee contributes to providing course content including textbooks and lab manuals, which alone are a $144 value, and partially supports staff to administer the program


Successful participants will receive three (3) hours of graduate credit in science through California University of Pennsylvania. The main cost to you (besides the academic fee) is your time – time to complete the weekly investigations. This course will require 4 to 6 hours of focused work each week depending on your science background and experience. 

DATASTREME ATMOSPHERE 1) focuses on the study of the atmosphere through the use of online data and learning materials; and 2) trains you as an Atmospheric Sciences Education Resource Teacher to promote the teaching of science, mathematics, and technology using the atmosphere as a vehicle across the K-12 curriculum in your home school district. After completion of the course, you will have access to a network of education resources to help you build atmospheric science into your curriculum.

For additional information, please visit the DATASTREME ATMOSPHERE website

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are interested in participating in a DataStreme course during the next academic semester (currently Fall 2019) and are not already in touch with one of our Mentor Teams, please fill out this Google Form.
The first day of the spring semester of DATASTREME ATMOSPHERE is Monday, August 26, 2019.
For more information, please contact Diane Ripollone



Diane Ripollone

NC Mentor Team Leader

Diane Ripollone
Diane Ripollone
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