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Autism in the Science Classroom

Hello, my name is Patricia ten Hoeve and I am a pre-service teacher at Wartburg College. 

I recently had a field experience in a science classroom where one of the students had autism. He did not enjoy the science class, and though my cooperating teacher was making a little progress with getting him involved during class, he was still struggling. 

I am wondering if there is anything that I could do as a future educator that would make a student with autism more comfortable in my science classroom. 


Patricia ten Hoeve

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Patricia Ten Hoeve
Patricia ten Hoeve
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I am a pre-service teacher at the University of Northern Iowa with a minor in special education. It is important to make your lessons super interactive for all students to help keep their attention. It also helps to incorporate movement in some way with your lessons. I'm not sure what the content was or how it was taught (I'm sure you taught marvelously :)), but try to incorporate those as best as you can. Another thing I would suggest is see if the student has any huge interests that can hold his attention for a long period of time and incoporate that in some way. Hope this helps!

-Makayla Bauer

Makayla Bauer
Makayla Bauer
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