I have a bottle in my lab that reads "0.1m HCl 1"  Can anyone interpret that for me?  

Lauren Angelone
Lauren Angelone
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Hi Lauren,

The bottle that you have in your lab is hydrochloric acid which is for what HCl stands. The 0.1M refers to its concentration.  You have a 0.1 molar solution.  To make a one molar (1M) solution you dissolve the molar mass of hydrogen chloride which is approximately 36 grams in 1 liter of water.  Molar mass is different for every compound because it depends on the mass of the elements in the compound.

Since the bottle is labeled 0.1 M, the solution that you have in your lab is ten times less concentrated than a one molar (1M) solution.  Many times these solutions come pre-prepared, but you can make these on your own if you have the chemicals necessary and distilled water.

I am not certain for what the 1 stands.  However, I am going to give some guesses.  Many times when I make solutions for labs I will label them with a number to help my students.  Number 1 might indicate that this solution is the first to be added.  It also might be an identifier to indicates who made the solution.  In my lab, I make the majority of my solutions so I put the date the solution is made and the initials of the person who made the solution (e.g. 1/10/18 rlh).  

Hopefully, this explanation helps.  Was this a pre-prepared solution or one made in your lab?  Knowing that information might give me more insight into interpreting the 1 at the end of the label.  

Have a great day,
Ruth Hutson

Ruth Lehmann Hutson
Ruth Hutson
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