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Our county is new to implementing NGSS, how do you manage to teach core ideas (that meet the standards) then have an open/student-centered that is inquiry based? Where did you find your resources? What professional developement was provided to you? 


Chelsey Saler
Chelsey Saler
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Hello Chelsey-

What subject do you teach? One of the courses I teach at our school is AP Biology. I have found the approach of AP to lab work has been useful for modifying existing labs I do in other classes I teach over to a more inquiry-based student-centered format. That said, I have found some push-back from students (and parents!) in that there is not necessarily one "correct" answer for problems posed during labs. And - if you have to be absent form class for whatever reasons - missing out on the collaborative learning going on during these types of activities can be challenging to recover from. Less "textbook" work means that when Johnny or Susie are out of school for a family vacation for a week or more they will miss out on opportunities to learn with their peers.

We have not had much support from our district with training on implemeting the new standards - or modifying assessments to match what they students will sson be doing on their standardized testing. Most of what I have been able to do has been provided through NSTA, NESTA, and NAGT, among others.  It is also challenging to move our department in the right direction with many of my colleagues just looking forward to retiring in a few years and not having to deal with it (NGSS).

Look for PD offerrings from NSTA, and keep using the forums to get help with your districts transition.

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