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5E Lesson Plan Organisms and Environments

I have created a 5E lesson plan on Organisms and Environments to fit a 3rd grade classroom. I just wanted to share the activity that I will have students do during the explore part of the lesson and be able to get some feedback from you. With that said, for the explore part of the lesson, I am going to have six different stations around the room. Each station will have an energy pyramid, as well as different animals in each station. The students will be in placed in groups of four. Each group will have two minutes in each station. Every time the timer goes off, the students will rotate to a different station. This will continue until every group has been in every station. I really liked this activity because it is allowing students to really explore and talk to one another. 

I hope to get a reply! 


Thank you

Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez
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I think this is a great explore and this sets up for a good explain where the kids can justify and explain why they put the animals where they put it. I might suggest having the station themed by habitat such as tundra, grassland etc but I think that's what you were going for with havong separate stations.

Kim Ly
Kim Ly
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