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5E Lesson Plan: Animal Body Coverings


My name is Josselin, I am a student at the University of Houston. I have to create a 5E lesson plan for second graders on animal body coverings for my science course. I would appreciate any help or any advice with any part of my lesson. Thank you!!

Josselin Maravilla
Josselin Maravilla
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Hi Josselin! 

That is such a great topic for students to learn the difference between animal body coverings. So you can begin your lesson by showing a BrainPOP video to engage the students and get them wondering about what animal body coverings. Also for one part of your lesson, you should do an activity like giving all your students a white construction paper and make a T-chart describing fur, feather, and scales and give the students cutouts of animals and they have to put under each column. That is a great way to have students interact with each other and learn about different animal body coverings. 

I hope this helps! 

Good luck. 

Karla Hernandez 

Karla Hernandez
Karla Hernandez
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