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5E Lesson Plan on Ecosystems

What can I do if the weather does not allow the studetns to explore the ecosystem outside?

Gloria Mariano
Gloria Mariano
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When I can't bring my students outside, I bring the outside into the classroom! It is a great way to assess your students' observation skills. They can draw and label a picture of their ecosystem in their science notebooks. Or, you can turn your classroom into the ecosystem! 

Judith Boyle
Judith Boyle
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I recently had this situation. Many of the national parks have webcams focused on certain wildlife. We viewed a few of those


Marsha Fischer
Marsha Fischer
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Similarly, if there is a webcam in your town, neighborhood, etc. which would allow you to investigate your backyard so to speak.

You might also start making your own videos for your students-prehaps ask if older students could help you with this project.

Bev DeVore-Wedding
Bev Bev DeVore-Wedding
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