I am teaching a science lesson over the Food chain. I was wondering what i should put for engage and explore part of the lesson plan.

Alexa Cortez
Alexa Cortez
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I am doing a lesson plan for 3rd grade lesson plan and it teaches the food chain. For my engage I showed my students a video so that it gets them excited about the lesson. Once the video is over we can discuss some of what was seen in the video. During explore I hope my students can grasp some of that knowledge and do a hands on activity in which they group producers, consumers and decomposers. It is impossible for students to know all about food chains after the video but I think allowing them to categorize these things into 3 different groups is a good start. Students will be given a food chain sort and distinguish the items in those three categories. They will be allowed to use their science books and laptops. During the explore portion of a 5e it has to be hands-on and they must be able to explore, I think including technology, books and the food chain sort is a good idea. Let me know what you think! :)

Karla Olivo
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