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Thanksgiving Lesson Ideas?

Hi all; Does anyone have any Fall or Thanksgiving-related lesson plans or ideas? I'm struggling to come up with something fun for our last day before break. I would like to tie it in with the Reading lesson for that day (on Tofu turkeys or turkey farming), but any idea would be helpful! Thanks and happy Thanksgiving! Jennifer

Jennifer Marsico
Jennifer Marsico
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Jennifer: Welcome to the learning center. Have you ever tried to introduce a story book about the theme of the holiday. You can usually find one that talks maybe about where a turkey lives and then use that for a jump start into environments and how they might be different or the same from other farm animals vs those that live in the wild. Kids love to have the teacher read a story at any age and this can be a way to start a lesson. I know that Thanksgiving is over but think ahead to Christmas. You can read a story about Santa and his reindeer flying and then launch into a lesson about what really flies and why. i.e. The adaptations that animals have that allow them to fly. I hope I am expressing my ideas well enough for you to get the hang of it. Adah

Adah Stock
Adah Stock
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Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you, Jennifer.
I know this is a bit late for this Thanksgiving, but I found three very promising resources that you might want to file away for next year:
Science Sampler: Thanksgiving and the science of Native American foods
The New Teacher’s Toolbox: Making the Most of “Lost Days”
Everyday Engineering: Time’s up, turkey—Pop-up thermometers
The middle resource caught my eye, because you had used the phrase 'lsst day', and it rhymed with 'lost day'.
I love Adah's ideas, too!
Maybe we should start a strand now for winter ideas - before winter break is upon us in a couple of weeks...

Carolyn Mohr
Carolyn Mohr
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I know this one is late as well but for my last day before break I had the students conduct an investigation. Before they entered the class I told them I had an issue and I needed their help. We were studying genetics and DNA for a couple of weeks and I told them they needed to help me determine who the thanksgiving turkey thief was by using DNA evidence. At the end of the activity they found out it was one of their classmates that hid my turkey. I made sure it was okay with the student before I put them on the spot. It actually was a big hit, the students were really into the lesson and they came back on Monday asking if I had any luck in finding the turkey that was missing. It came from a "who melted frosty" lesson and I just changed it to fit with the content and the holiday theme.

Kelly Amendola
Kelly Amendola
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Hi everyone!

I actually just wrote a lesson plan on Thanksgiving! I have attached it here for everyone! I received the idea from I used it initially for a Social Studies lesson, but it can be tweaked and used for multiple subjects like science!
I know Thanksgiving is over but just an idea for next year ?


Hannah Lestan
Hannah Lestan
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