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Have a "Virtual" Seismograph in Your Classroom

I help operate a network of educational seismographs in Michigan (MIQuakes) that is part of the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) "Seismographs in the Schools" project. Even without your own site-based seismograph, you can display near real time records of seismic activity from a variety of online sources using free software called jAmaSeis. This software can be downloaded from this site: Once you have it installed and running on your computer, you can add remote stations fairly easily under the file menu choice "manage sources". I am adding a screenshot of my computer running 2 stations - one in northern Wisconsin and one in northern Michigan. The IRIS website also has some information on what you can do as far as analysis of the seismograms. Finding the distance from the epicenter of an earthquake to the station, and the magnitude of an earthquake are both possible using this software.


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