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Hello, My name is Brian Stewart.

I am currently completing an assignment on how to use the Learning Center as my E-Text.  The things I need to complete my assignment are:

- The online advisors first name
- One thing that the online advisor can do for me as a pre-service teacher using the Learning Center resources

Thanks so much for your help!!

Brian Stewart
Brian Stewart
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Hi Brian,
I am the eLearning Engagement Specialist here at NSTA.

The online advisors are a team of volunteer educators who work with NSTA staff to support the NSTA LC online community by responding to posts on the forums, create and share collections, and write reviews of NSTA resources and collections - They are awesome science education professionals here is a link to their bios -

Amanda Wolfe
Amanda Wolfe
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Hi Brian, My name is Kathy Renfrew and I am one NSTA's online advisors. I can help you find resources to create lesson plans. I might even be able to connect you to someone with the same interests as you. I can share some of the wonderful resources The Learning Center has to offer. Kathy

Kathy Renfrew
Kathleen Renfrew
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Thanks Kathy! Glad to have you here to support teachers in the learning center!

Amanda Wolfe
Amanda Wolfe
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