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I am a student teacher at the University of Houston (Main Campus). I have a lesson on Inherited Traits/Learned Behaviors for a fourth grade math/science class. In the class, I have two students who are adopted (and are aware that their parents are not their birth parents.) One of the students has met her birth parents, and the other student has not. How should I go about this lesson of what students may have inherited from their parents while still being sensitive to the fact that maybe not all students know their birth parents? I also want to make sure they can make those real-world connections, but I do not want to be insensitive to the subject. 


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Rana Shahin
Rana Shahin
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Hello Rana, it is great that you are aware of this and are attempting to go about this the right way without being insensitive to your students. I think getting to know more about your students personally could help you when discussing this topic with them. (Do they have an open adoption, have they seen pictures of their biological parents etc.) I think you could also discuss with them the traits that they do have (ex. brown eyes, black hair, etc.) And explain to them that those are traits that they recieved from their parents, even if they've never met their biological parents. 

Good luck on your lesson!

Allison Bernier
Allison Bernier
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