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50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 July 20, 1969

I am curious what other teachers are doing to recognize this momentous anniversary. Even though we are on summer break right now, and we will be until mid August, I am trying to decide how to bring this to my students. I ordered some fun NASA/space stickers to give out and plan to show some clips of Armstrong and Aldrin walking on the moon. I'm considering a stem challenge where students have to build a Lunar module that can land on the surface of the moon facing the same challenges of the unknown from 1969. 

Please share if you are plannig something. I would love to learn from your ideas. 

Pamela Dupre
Pamela Dupre
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Hi Pamela


I teach High School and this summer at the they are holding a festival on the July 20th Museum (if you’re a NC teacher here is the link to the festival “One Giant Leap”). I'm volunteering to help, but I've also tweeted out to my students about it. I'm hoping they come with their families to enjoy the day. 

As for the fall, this year I'm teaching Astronomy, so this is going to fit in great. I intend on taking the first week to talk about the subject. I had a similar idea about using a challenge to introduce the topic. I think it would be a great icebreaker for the class. I was also going to have them attend a guest speaker at the Museum. There are probably tons of videos to show on YouTube, I know I watched one from JPL the other day it’s called NASA : Celebrating Apollo’s 50th Anniversary Public Talk. It’s a bit detailed but it goes over the Geological science behind Apollo. I know there is tons of information out there, but like you I want to bring it to the class with a fun activity.




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