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Hello my name is Emma Lerchen and I am a teacher candidate at Penn State Harrisburg. This semester I was placed in a fourth grade classroom where my mentor teacher was very interested in gaining more resources and having more hands-on activities for her students in science. Luckily, I was able to pass on some programs that I have seen during my time in college. Are there any programs or great activities that have been successful in any PreK-4 classrooms that you have seen? If so, could you pass any of them on? I would love to build up a portfolio of even more great experiments and activities for myself as a future teacher. I would also love to be able to pass them on to my mentor teacher so that she can use them in future years. Thank you! 

Emma Lerchen
Emma Lerchen
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Hi Emma,

I hope you have found some explorations in my Early Years columns that engage you! They are written for preK-2 and they can be openers or the Engage in a 5E lesson plan for upper elementary students, and even middle school students. These experiences and explorations are ones I have used with my class or in classes where I mentor the teacher. You will make changes in any activity you facilitate based on who your students are.

As you continue in your career and meet educators who may not yet be members of NSTA so they don't have free access to all the archived journals, share the NSTA Early Years blog where we post about all kinds of science-in-early-childhood activities, resources, and happenings. And take a look at the other NSTA blog catagories for more support--Ask a Member, Equity, Next Generation Science Standards, Safety, and many more!

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