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5E Lesson Plan: Rapid Surface Changes


My name is Leslie Barajas; I am a current student at the University of Houston. At this moment I am creating a 5E lesson about rapid surface changes for 3rd graders, this one should include volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides. For my engage I would love to include something with hands on but I am having trouble if I should do it over only one surface change or something that includes all three? I would like to receive any opinions or suggestions.

Thank you!

Leslie Barajas
Leslie Barajas
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Hi leslie! I think you should start off by just going over one surface change first then depending on whether the students are following along smoothly or not you can adjust this as you go along to add the second and third. You would have to determine how you would do this by including the modifications that would take place during your lesson based on how the students are grasping the content. Let me know how you ended up doing this 5E lesson!

Miriam Navarrete
Miriam Navarrete
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