A interactive and engaging way for student to learn about plants:

1. assign a planet to each student. have them research on the planet and collect important facts.

2. have the students decorate their planet at home and include the facts and information on index cards so they can present. 

3. the following day, have students line up in the order of their planets and one by one present their planet's information.


This is an engagin way for students to learn about the solar system and some facts about the planets. rather than a lecture and the teacher presenting the information, the students get to display their cool planet and share the information they learned.

Julieth Hernandez
julieth hernandez
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Thats a great idea Julieth. I am going to try something similar but do small groups per planet and either have them draw it on a poster board or make an actual planet out of something, with classroom time. Then the final products could be posted or hung in the classroom so they can reference the order and information as we move forward in our earth and space unit. I didnt think about having them present in order but that is a great idea. Do you assign the sun to somebody or do you talk about that separately beforehand or during a different lesson? Also I am curious, do you allow them to research/present whatever they want or do you give them a guide telling what the important facts are that you would like them to find? 

Laurence Taylor
Laurence Taylor
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I think this lesson idea is a great way to let students become experts on their planets and then share with the class. In my science methods class we have been learning about the 5E learning cycle. In the learning cycle, it is important to get students exicted about the lesson or unit by engaging them with a phenomenon. Before students are assigned their planets it would be neat to share a video or presentation about our solar system. This will get the students forming questions and ready to investigate.  

Molly Heffron
Molly Heffron
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