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As a new teacher, I am constantly trying to make my lessons better and more engaging. One topic that I find the most interesting is the nature of science. The only problem is, I am having a hard time adapting this to a chemistry classroom.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas they could share with this topic.

Have you done a chemistry lesson over the nature of science? What went well? What didn't?

What advise would you give to a new teacher who wants to break out of the mold in the chemistry room?

Cameron Mackowski
Cameron Mackowski
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Cameron - What level do you teach? 

I like to start the class with a nature of science survey. There's an example one here: 

Then I send my students to this resource: 

Then we reflect on the answers on the NOS survey to see how their perspectives have changed. 


Here are some extra resources you may find useful:

Emily Faulconer
Emily Faulconer
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I teach chemistry at the high school level.

These resources are awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing them! I look forward to working with them a little so I can present them to my students!

Cameron Mackowski
Cameron Mackowski
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I teach physical science and have had the same issue. I've adapted an investigation where students have to figure out the identity of an object in a box. Look up "black box lab". This can be applied to indirect observation in classical particle chemistry. 


Later on, I had adapted it for honors students where they had a closed box with a raised design on one side of the box.This could be made with hot glue and scraps. All they had to use as observational tools was a marble inside the box. Students would then roll around the marble to collect data on the design of one of the sides.

Jake Terlecki
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