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Hello. I am an uncoming teacher currently in his student teaching phase. At my placement, they are using the modeling method of teaching the different science topics as made available by the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA). For the modeling curriculum, much of the material is learned by students by hands on activities and labs, demonstrations, and a lot of discussion. I have come to love the curriculum, and wish to continue teaching by it after my student teaching, even if the potential opening for me to be hired by the school I am placed at does not work out.

If I am not able to find employment at this school, there will be one main difficulty I would face in teaching by this method. My placement has students using the Vernier Graphical Analysis application, which - via a paid subscription - provides an excellent tool for students to plot data in the form of a graph. However, if the school of my future employment is not able to afford a subscription to this application for use by its students, I will need to seek another application for its use.

Does anyone know of any good graphing programs that are free, easy to use/ learn to use, and allow the user to plot data points with different types of curves of best fit?

Thank you for your time.

Andrew Jewett
Andrew Jewett
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