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Dual Immersion

When I was in elementary school my parents placed me in a dual immersion classroom, believing it was best for me to learn both English and Spanish at school. My aunts placed my cousins in English classes only, thinking that this was going to help them become proficient in English way faster since they were going to focus on one language only, which did not turn out to be the case. They believed that by talking in Spanish at home they would learn the language, but some of them just became accustomed to talking everywhere in English or knew how to speak it but not how to read or write. I personally believe that dual immersion programs are great because children learn to speak, read, and write in their native and target language. Although some people believe that these programs make children fall behind when it comes to learning the target language. What do you think is best for students in this situation? What is your opinion on dual immersion classes and its benefits/drawbacks?

Miriam Oseguera
Miriam Oseguera
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